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Learn about the mission, projects and goals of United Animal Friends. Serving the entire Yavapai County  area, United Animal Friends welcomes you to explore our site, meet our animals.

Our Mission To provide for the well-being of animals. To raise awareness and encourage compassionate treatment of animals.

Our Goal
To expand spay, neuter, foster, adoption and rescue programs in partnership with our community and other agencies.  Provide foster care transition for adoptable pets.  Match up adoptable pets with loving homes.

Our Action Plan Since 2003, we have re-homed 4,000 animals and altered more than 10,000.

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This branch of United Animal Friends has a separate (although co-mingled) volunteer group and meetings.  Animal Disaster Services creates shelters for animals in the event of disasters requiring evacuations and is affiliated with Yavapai County Emergency Management Services.  During the evacuations of the Doce and Yarnell Hill Fire in 2013, ADS set up camp next to the Red Cross.  The temporary shelter is manned 24/7 by volunteers. ADS takes in any animals in need including: birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters. In the event of large animals like horses, ADS coordinates with local ranchers or rescues to secure a temporary, safe environment.  ADS has a 27” trailer that can holds emergency supplies: crates/pens, food, towels, leashes.  

Courtesy Listing Program
UAF is also committed to "Private Party Rescue" and we assist individuals and families in locating new homes for their companion animals.  If people have companion animals whom they will not or cannot keep, UAF sponsors them on our web site as a "Courtesy Listings", so that they too can be promoted for adoption.  UAF then coordinates application reviews, home visits, and placement.

Emergency Medical Program Also known as the “Paw It Forward” program whereby funds are released to help families who have emergency medical needs for their pets that they cannot afford to cover. Our support allows those pets to receive the treatment they need to live and the families do not lose the pets they love. We have accounts with several local veterinarians.

Foster/Adopt Field Services (FAFS)
United Animal Friends does not have a shelter, although PETCO has generously donated space in their Prescott, Arizona store for some of our felines.  Kitty City, which is open during store hours, is a feline adoption center that has exponentially increased the number of adoptions.  Most of our animals are kept in foster homes and if necessary local boarding facilities.  In addition to any needed medical care, the foster animals are sterilized through our network of partnering veterinarians/clinics.  Fosters and other volunteers take the animals to adoption events at PETCO nearly every weekend out of the year.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Certificate Program
Since its inception in October of 2004, the Low Income Spay/Neuter Certificate Program has sterilized 7,159 cats and dogs to date, averaging 795 public sterilizations per year! The certificate program is a comprehensive resource to help those who want to have their pets altered, but may not be able to do so due to very limited financial resources. United Animal Friends has the only ongoing subsidized Low Income Spay/Neuter Program in Yavapai County (which is about the size of New Jersey).

Pet Food Bank
Our Food Bank feeds more than 700 animals each month! Individuals who wish to receive free pet food through the United Animal Friends Pet Food Bank are referred to the Low Income Spay/Neuter Certificate Program if they have unaltered pets, as sterilization is one of the requirements for being eligible for food.  The food bank is set up in the PETCO parking lot every Sunday.

Trap/Neuter/Return/Manage (TNRM) Program
Research confirms that TNRM is the most humane, life-affirming and effective solution to feral cat colonies. United Animal Friends has the longest running TNRM program in Yavapai County and at times the only program available. Under the guidance of our TNRM Coordinator, colony caretakers and volunteers assist in sterilizing hundreds of feral cats every year. Our TNRM Coordinator also provides quarterly TNRM and Feral Cat Colony Management workshops to educate the general public and new potential volunteers.

Barn Cat Program
Some of the feral cats that are sterilized through TNRM become barn cat candidates. UAF volunteers assist the felines to acclimate to their new environment.  Adopters agree to provide the cats with a good home that will meet their needs including adequate food, water, and shelter from weather and predators.

To implement these programs, United Animal Friends relies on the generosity of donations from individuals, businesses, government, foundations and fundraising events. Earned income comes from adoption fees and courtesy listing placements.
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United Animal Friends, Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona is a volunteer organization created for and committed to helping provide for the well being of dogs, cats and animals. UAF works to raise human awareness of our homeless animal needs and encourage the compassionate treatment of animals. UAF helps to expand spay, neuter, foster, adoption, rescue services and programs in partnership with our community and other agencies. UAF also provides pet foster care transition services for adoptable animals.
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