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A United Animal Friends sister organization, Animal Disaster Services houses and cares for animals in need during emergencies. Created to lessen the hardships on people and pets forced to evacuate during emergencies, Animal Disaster Services works in conjunction with Yavapai County Emergency Management in setting up free, temporary shelters with twenty-four hour care for many types of animals.




Listen to the radio for the emergency shelter location.

It's usually right next to the Red Cross.

Public Service Announcement Video
Don't leave home without them!!!!

Prescott Area Wildland / Urban Interface Commission
Provides vital, urgent or emergency public information in the Prescott Metro Area and the rest of Yavapai County.  Local government agencies will post alerts as quickly as possible on such events as wildfires, evacuations, prescribed burns, police emergencies, weather-induced road closures, water or gas main breaks and other notices of key importance to the public.

ADS Brochure
Provides information on how to prepare to safeguard your animals during a disaster.

Evacuation Preparedness
Provides tips for being prepared for an emergency evacuation and being able to evacuate in five minutes.

Large Animal Evacuation Procedures
If you have horses or other large animals, post this in your barn.
Animal Disaster Services houses and cares for animals in need during emergencies
Animal Disaster Services
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Monetary Donations
may be sent to:

Animal Disaster Services

c/o United Animal Friends
P.O. Box 11133
Prescott, Arizona 86304

Call Becky at 928-925-7990 if you would like to help to be trained in volunteering to help in the time of a disaster.
United Animal Friends

PO Box 11133
Prescott, Arizona 86304

(928) 778-2924

Call or Contact Us today!
United Animal Friends, Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona is a volunteer organization created for and committed to helping provide for the well being of dogs, cats and animals. UAF works to raise human awareness of our homeless animal needs and encourage the compassionate treatment of animals. UAF helps to expand spay, neuter, foster, adoption, rescue services and programs in partnership with our community and other agencies. UAF also provides pet foster care transition services for adoptable animals.
United Animal Friends, Prescott, Yavapai, County, Arizona  - No more homeless pets.
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